Thomas Rabben

Squarespace designer



Why Choose a Custom Built Website?

With a Custom Build, your website will be so much more than an online version of your business card. It’ll become a high-performing part of your business plan that your dream clients keep on coming back to and works for you 24 hours a day. You'll feel proud to promote it and know that it's making the very best impression for you online. We'll work together to create something that beautifully reflects what you and your business are all about. You provide the text and photographic content and I'll do all the web wizardry; giving you time, peace of mind and all of my knowledge and skills to make your online home the very best it can be. Together, we'll have your new website up and running in no time, turning clicks into customers, saving you time, money, stress and 'hustle'.


I'm often asked why I choose Squarespace for my client's sites over options like Wordpress. The truth is, Squarespace is much more than your average drag-and-drop template site builder.

  • Squarespace takes care of software updates, plug-in installations and online security for you behind the scenes. You don't need to worry about a thing.

  • There's no need to purchase and manage a theme, child theme, domain and hosting separately. It's all managed in your Squarespace account and works together seamlessly.

  • Most importantly, making edits and updates to your website in the future will be a breeze using their intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

  • Squarespace templates are clean, modern and follow web design best practices right off the bat.

  • 24/7 online customer support, plus a huge library of video and step-by-step tutorials, means that you'll easily be able to run your website yourself after I've built it for you. (Of course, I'll show you exactly how to manage your site before I had over the reigns and if you need any assistance afterward, I'm only an email away).

  • Flexibility! Squarespace can be used for regular websites, online stores or blogs. You can integrate appointment booking, social media accounts, calendars, videos, galleries or services like Foursquare. The options are endless and your website easily can grow and change as and when your business does.

  • Using the inbuilt Style Editor, your website can be completely customised. As a developer, Squarespace allows me to inject custom code to break free of the template look – by the time I'm finished designing, it'll be totally and utterly bespoke to you.


As a member of Square Circle, Squarespace's programme for designers and developers using the platform to build sites for clients, anyone who works with me can benefit from the following:

Six month trial period, rather than the standard two weeks.

  • I'll have your website finished either within one week or two, depending on the size and complexity of the project. But if you need a little more time, you've got up to six months before your site will need to incur a paid subscription.

20% off annual subscriptions.

  • Sites I have built are eligible for a 20% discount for your first year on Squarespace when your subscribe to an annual payment plan.

Peace of mind.

  • You'll know your site is being built by an expert, with over a decade of web design and development under their belt plus a thorough knowledge of Squarespace's features.

The Perfect Combination

Building websites on Squarespace offers the perfect combination of flexibility and ease of use. My skills on the platform, plus the advantages of being approved as a designer by Squarespace themselves, mean I can build a site just as functional and beautiful as I would from scratch – but you'll be able to take over the running and updating of your site yourself after I'm done.

But hey, if you don't want to, I can do that too.